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Sustainability Team

IC Sustainability Team was formed in 2022 from among employees volunteering to participate in sustainability activities at the Holding and Group Companies in order to plan, undertake and develop IC Holding’s sustainability activities for the next 10 years.

In line with the cooperation with the Sustainability Academy, IC Sustainability Team members have received 40 hours training on 12 different topics through 18 weeks from expert trainers in the field of sustainability, expanding their knowledge and skills in this field. The in-house trainings, with a 91% participation rate, aimed to raise sustainability experts, develop a comprehensive and effective strategy to combat the climate crisis, and create awareness on environmental/social issues.

The mission of the IC Sustainability Team is to follow the latest developments in the field of sustainability as well as the focus activities in the Working Groups in which they participate, and to carry the Holding one step ahead with an innovative and fast-reacting perspective. The multidisciplinary structure of the team ensures that developments in the field of sustainability are simultaneously recognized by all units within the Holding.

In this journey that IC Holding has embarked on with the vision of becoming one of the leading organizations in the field of sustainability, IC Sustainability Team has great importance in the Holding’s corporate sustainability strategy as a team dedicated to sustainability efforts.

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