IC Holding Surdurulebilirlik


Impact of Development

IC Holding continues its activities with the belief that civilizations, societies, countries, in short, humanity can be developed by those who dare to do what is challenging and always aim for the better. Adopting a culture of continuous development, IC Holding’s corporate culture, which is guided by the İbrahim Çeçen’s vision at its roots, ensures that it does not make do with what it has already achieved and always strives for the better.

IC Holding fulfills every task it undertakes with responsibility and does its part wherever there is need for “development” in our country and in the world. With its projects and investments that directly contribute to society and the world, it carries us further by making progress in every field it engages in.

IC Holding shapes all its corporate activities around the motto “We Develop Further Beyond”. In this context, sustainability-related activities are evaluated under the umbrella concept of “Impact of Development”.