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Murad Bayar
Murad Bayar

Esteemed Stakeholders,
I am very proud and happy to present you our sustainability report, which we are publishing for the very first time this year, and in which we share our activities on sustainability issues.

Climate change, the impact of which we feel more and more every day, causes many problems such as extreme weather events, sea level rise, forest fires and loss of biological diversity in all regions of the world, including our country. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report published in 2022, environmental risks are the most likely to materialize in the next decade. The increase in the severity and frequency of climate events in recent years clearly demonstrates that all actors must take responsibility. By carefully monitoring all these processes, we assume responsibility, engage in meaningful collaborations, demonstrate our sensitivity with concrete steps and crown our sustainability journey with pioneering breakthroughs.

Today, when international developments that will affect all of our lives, especially the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, make green transformation inevitable for companies aiming for lasting success in the sector, the business world has very important duties in the fight against the effects of the

climate crisis. In this sense, as IC Holding, we aspire to leave a better world for future generations by accelerating the transition to business models that minimize raw material and resource consumption, enable clean technologies and maximize the life cycle of products in line with an inclusive and centralized approach in all sectors in which we operate. By sponsoring events organized to raise awareness, collaborating with NGOs and public institutions and supporting university research, we strive to increase social awareness in our fight against the climate crisis, a challenging and long-term endeavor. With the IC Sustainability Team, we have established, we aim to effectively carry out the processes for the planning, realization and monitoring of IC Holding’s sustainability activities for the next 10 years. We invest in green energy sources through our Group companies and believe that the cleanest energy is energy efficiency. We are achieving great success in plastic reduction with our four group companies that are signatories to the Business Plastics Initiative (BPI). With the circular economy-based business models that we have started to implement in our Group Companies, we recover the waste we separate at the source and raw materials with minor damage and bring them into the economy. At the same time, we continue our efforts to minimize the negative impacts of our operations on biodiversity and protect endangered species.

As one of the leading investment holdings of our country, in addition to protecting and developing the environment and creating positive social impact with the projects we undertake, we do our very best to provide an inclusive and fair working environment that respects human rights for our valuable colleagues, our raison d'être thanks to their efforts that contribute to our success. We continue to improve equal opportunities in recruitment and career development processes and to be a pioneering organization in gender equality. We care about creating a sustainable workplace where our colleagues can maintain their work-life balance and feel safe at work. Through various projects, we aim not only to offer fringe benefits, but also to improve the well-being in our workplaces where we spend most of our days.

As IC Holding, we show our determination to make sustainability a corporate culture to all our stakeholders and with this awareness, we reflect our sustainability journey to our business methods with a holistic perspective in the regions and sectors in which we operate. In this context, on the occasion of our first sustainability report, I pledge that we will continue to add value to our country and the world with our efforts in the field of sustainability, and I would like to thank all our stakeholders, with whom we have been walking together for more than 50 years and who are an integral part of our sustainability journey.

Murad Bayar
IC Holding CEO