IC Holding Surdurulebilirlik
Firat Cecen
Fırat Çeçen

Esteemed Stakeholders,
As IC Holding, we take our steps forward with new hopes and great expectations in all sectors in which we operate with our experience of more than half a century and the projects we have undertaken so far. We act in cooperation with our stakeholders with our new business models, responsible investment principles and sustainability perspective against the pandemic crisis that affected the whole world, and against the geopolitical and economic challenges we are facing.

In 2004, Türkiye became a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and studies on climate change and sustainability gained momentum in our country. In addition, by signing the Paris Agreement in 2021, Türkiye once again demonstrated its commitment to the 2053 net zero emission and green development targets, and the importance it attaches to these issues. The role and ownership of the private sector in achieving this objective is crucial for accelerating the harmonization process. As IC Holding, while determining our corporate strategy in the light of our country’s goals, we take care to shape all our business processes in line with corporate sustainability principles in order to maintain and improve our flexibility and competitiveness in the face of all kinds of risks and opportunities. We accelerate our sustainability efforts under the umbrella concept of “Impact of Development” and we pay attention to carry out all our activities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the Sustainability Policy we have prepared in line with this concept. With the Sustainability Management System (SMS), which we launched in 2022 within the framework of this concept, we aim to continue our work in this area in a more systematic and effective manner. In addition to our corporate development, we also contribute to our country’s sustainable development goals and actively take part in many associations, non-governmental organizations and working groups to raise awareness on sustainable business models and encourage collaborations in this field.

We closely follow the latest global developments in the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and governance impact. We identify the needs and areas open for improvement in these fields and we undertake capacity development activities for our technical staff. We work hard to make meaningful contribution to the regions where we operate with our many completed and ongoing projects in the areas of combating the climate crisis, conservation of natural life, digitalization of business processes, employee training and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

I am very happy and proud to share IC Holding’s first sustainability report, which reflects our sustainability journey, with you, our valuable stakeholders. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our valuable stakeholders, and all our employees who have contributed to IC Holding’s current success.

Fırat Çeçen
IC Holding Vice Chairman