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Waste tires on the Northern Ring Motorway Transformed into 'Sound Barrier'

As the signatory of the Business World Plastics Initiative (IPG) aiming to reduce plastic consumption and continuing its activities with the Zero Waste Certificate, ICA has completed building the 'Sound Barrier' produced by recycling waste tires collected from the Northern Ring Motorway.

Announced by ICA on March 30, International Zero Waste Day, the project contributes to the circular economy while reducing noise from the highway.

ICA, the operator of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Ring Motorway Operator, continues undertaking innovative projects within the scope of its sustainability-oriented business strategy. The company now contributes to environmental protection, road safety, and noise reduction with the Sound Barrier Project, which is built by recycling waste tires collected from the highway. ICA General Manager Serhat Soğukpınar states that the Sound Barrier Project they announced on March 30, International Zero Waste Day, is part of ICA's responsibility to hand down a livable world to future generations. Soğukpınar said, “A wide range of fragmented objects on the highway also threatens highway safety. We collected approximately 135 tons of vehicle tire parts in a year. We recycle tire waste to contribute to the circular economy and use it in building sound barriers.”

Rubber sound barriers rank among products with the lowest carbon footprint

As a result of the sound analyses carried out in the Kilyos-Zekeriyaköy section of the highway within the scope of the Sound Barrier Project, a sound barrier of approximately 2 kilometers was placed in the region. The project aims to minimize vehicle noise in sections of the highway that pass near residential areas.
Serhat Soğukpınar also stated that “the sound barrier denoises habitat and settlements near the highway while the tire waste we collect is recycled and supports the circular economy as well.”
Sound barriers created by recycling waste tires also have Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificate. Pointing out that rubber sound barriers are among the products with the lowest 'carbon footprint' as they are produced from waste materials, Soğukpınar said, “We will recycle and reuse this environmentally friendly barrier at the end of its 10th year. Our primary goal is to do our job at the highest standards and contribute to a sustainable world, and we will continue our efforts and work accordingly.”

Entitled with Zero Waste Certificate

ICA is also a signatory of the Business World Plastics Initiative IPG) which was established by Global Compact Turkey, the Business World and Sustainable Development Association (SKD Turkey), and Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) to reduce plastic consumption in the business world. In this respect, the company was entitled to receive the Zero Waste Certificate given by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change, as a result of its waste and environmental management efforts by establishing the Zero Waste Management System