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TREDAŞ Started Artificial Intelligence Era in Occupational Health and Safety with EWSAI

Trakya Electricity Distribution Inc. (TREDAŞ) which provides electricity distribution services to around 2 million people throughout a 20-thousand-square-kilometer area in three Trakya provinces, commissioned the "Electrical Work Safety with Artificial Intelligence" (EWSAI) program, the world's first artificial intelligence-based electrical work safety early warning system.

TREDAŞ integrated artificial intelligence-based occupational safety automation system "EWSAI" into its business models via three years of research and development after discovering that the majority of fatal and potentially fatal occupational accidents in the electricity distribution sector were caused by electric shocks from overhead lines.

TREDAŞ aims to prevent human-induced violations and negligence by monitoring field work in real time with EWSAI automation system, the world's first artifical intelligence in electrical occupational safety in field operations.

What is the system's mechanism?

Through moving cameras positioned in appropriate regions of the platform vehicle and multi-layered artificial neural network-based image processing algorithms, EWSAI can monitor malfunction repair and maintenance operations on a 24/7 basis with artificial intelligence. The network on which the work is done and the security measures that should be taken according to the structure of the network are determined before the risk occurs and communicated to the employees in real time&audibly with the help of the video analytics infrastructure, all without the need for internet access.

Contribution to a Sustainable Future

The EWSAI automation system, moreover, guides the future with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. According to the sustainable development goals, the project's target areas are 'Decent Work and Economic Growth', 'Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure', and 'Climate Action, and TREDAŞ anticipates that they will all be significantly impacted.

For this reason, TREDAŞ will enhance its power to monitor and react to operations carried out in the field with EWSAI, an image processing-based real-time analytic capability. TREDAŞ develops a sustainable monitoring system that uses less resources.